To be tiny...

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I'm Sarah, I'm 21, 5'9" This time I started at 131lbs, currently weigh 125lbs. My goal is to be118lbs again... Or less.

Check out my other pages for find out more about me, or ask for my "Progress Blog" password to see how I'm doing.

"Oh wow.
But, you see, it's like nobody's fucking business."

- Cassie







Why do I feel like this is a response to Dr. Pepper 10 and 7Up 10’s whole “It’s not for ladies” campaigns?

If so, check and mate to Diet Coke.

Basically tumblr thirst in gif form

I hate diet coke but now I want one.

i need one

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"Gosh, it looks like a battle field.""It is a battle field.""What is it fighting for?""My sanity."

"Gosh, it looks like a battle field."
"It is a battle field."
"What is it fighting for?"
"My sanity."


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